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Implantium Ski Congress 2020

Professor Mariano Sanz has confirmed as a speaker at the ski congress

Prof. Sanz is the chairman and professor of periodontology at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, president of the Osteology Foundation and past president of the European Federation of Periodontology.

Those of us who were fortunate enough to hear him lecture at Dentium’s Global symposium in Barcelona a couple of years ago will remember his informative lecture and appreciate what a coup it is to secure him as a speaker.

LECTURE TITLE – Modern surgical protocols in implant dentistry: decision making after tooth extraction

To find out more about the ski congress, head over to implantium.co.uk/ski_congress


Feedback from the ADI Congress in Edinburgh

It was great to see many of our customers at the ADI Congress last month! We had a busy few days on the stand and socializing in the evenings. We still have a few T-Shirts left if you want a few for your practice. We were able to send off a donation of £262 to the Pink Ribbon foundation. Thank you.



Introducing Novabone

Novabone Dental putty is a Calcium-Phosphosilicate bone substitute that uses a delivery system engineered to improve handling and performance. The unidose cartridges work well for hard to access defect and sinus lifts.


What is Verity Smiles?

Verity Smiles is a recent creation of ours to offer a different way to grow your practice and attract new customers.

Proveneer is an immediate Veneer system that allows your patient to try for “real” veneers before committing. We have linked this with a patient recruitment package utilizing social media and a strong brand concept. Dentists get exclusivity within their area. We are offering training in both the social media techniques to grow your practice and the product.

For more information contact [email protected] or veritysmiles.co.uk


To discuss any of the above please call the team on 03300 585818 or drop us an email at [email protected]