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Implantium Ski Congress 2020

Dr. Salah Huwais has confirmed as a speaker at the ski congress

LECTURE TITLE – Osseodensification: Optimize the Site – Optimize the Outcome

Versah LLC was founded in 2014 by Dr. Salah Huwais, a practicing periodontist in Jackson Michigan.

To find out more about the ski congress, head over to implantium.co.uk/ski_congress


New Products

Dentium Instrument Kits

Only £450 +VAT introductory offer. 18 instruments

Dentium Surgery Kit is a cassette of surgical instruments for periodontal and dental implant surgery. The cassette is divided into two sections to best store surgical instruments. One section has individual holders to accommodate 16 linear surgical instruments. The other section is padded with silicone protection and two ring-holders to securely hold scissor-like instruments with finger inserts. The cassette has a spring-lock mechanism to offer easy opening and closing of the lid without mechanical breakage.


Novabone Dental putty is a Calcium-Phosphosilicate bone substitute that uses a delivery system engineered to improve handling and performance. The unidose cartridges work well for hard to access defects and sinus lifts.

Smart Science™ – Osteostimulation

Unlike other synthetic grafts that are bioinert, NB Putty belongs to the class of bioactive regenerative materials that not only acts as an osteoconductive scaffold but also interacts with the surrounding tissues and imparts an osteostimulatory effect. NB Putty is not osteoinductive but a number of in vivo studies have demonstrated an accelerated bone formation with CPS particles. Also, the viability and proliferation potential of osteoblasts has been shown to be accelerated in the presence of CPS particles. Studies also demonstrate increased osteocalcin and alkaline phosphatase levels in the presence of CPS particles providing a favorable environment for bone formation.

Osteostimulation is an active process. NovaBone Dental Putty acts as a bone matrix and encourages differentiation of new bone cells at the site. This phenomenon results in faster bone regeneration than exhibited by osteoconduction alone while simultaneously increasing the resorption rate of the graft material.


Testimonial of the Month

I’ve been using the Versah burs for virtually every implant I have placed in the last 12 months. We’ve had fantastic results; great primary stability and have been able to treat far more cases with reduced ridge width than with traditional methods. I would thoroughly recommend attending the course with Jason Buglass. After the course we have been treating more and more of our patients with the simple sinus augmentation procedures using Versah burs rather than lateral windows. This has led to far greater comfort and reduced trauma for our patients as well as much higher treatment uptake. I believe the Versah kit paid for itself with the first case on which it was used!

– Dr David Lamb

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