Confidence in Satisfaction


Global Network

Implantium implants are distributed in over 80 countries and are recognised by dental associations worldwide, including the FDA and ISO.

Designed by dentists

A large number of professors and clinicians, who have abundant clinical experience, are participating in developing and improving Implantium UK implants. This ensures forward thinking designs marry with medical requirements.

S.L.A. Surface

The S.L.A. (sandblasted with large grit and acid etched) surface of Implantium UK implants is a highly advanced technology to yield successful integration between implant and bone.
According to numerous studies, published by many leading research institutes and universities worldwide, the S.L.A. process shows highly satisfactory results by shortening the treatment period and lengthening the longevity of the implants. Some of these studies can be found in Dentium Documentation Summaries.

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